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New! I have full sized plans of this item for sale.


Hanging Wine Rack

Innman Square, Cambridge


My original drawing for the project. The dimensions changed when I found out I had less space than I thought for the capacity we needed, so it got shorter in length and taller in height.


I made this hanging winerack in reclaimed American chestnut. I could only square one corner so I built everything from the inside out, dowiling at the joints. Steel rods hold everything together.





Here it is bolted together. I calculated the finished weight, with 300 bottles of wine to be over 600lbs.


Dado and rip..I was going to use chestnut strips but they were too flimsy.




Instead, I veneered the strips onto poplar





bolttle holders in place






I used a walnut stain to darken it some and bring out the color. Where possible I preserved the original surface of the wood.



We brought it in in sections. This is the top floor of a 3decker. Stairs, no elevator.



The antique chain came from Tillotson Trading in Vermont. There was three feet of crawl space under the roof. Lots of fun up there in the dark. The original plan was to lay timbers across the rafters and run steel rod to the chain below. I believe more support has been added since we put it in.


The client spec'ed this height but has since moved it higher.