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364 Broadway Cambridge



I liked working on this project because it got me back into welding and combining metal and wood in exciting ways. I also appreciate any chance to carve whenever I can get it.

Original sign documantation

Tim Borrego designed the dwelltime font and the layout. His original idea was to mount two disks on a central panel. I re-concieved it as a single body construction to avoid weather problems, make it more stable, and reduce material costs.




Artist's rendering of the site


My construction drawings. I designed the bracket when it became apparent that it had to be an integral part of the piece and that assembling it after the sign was done would make things too complicated.  


Rough maple


Template before glueing up





Bracket assembly in process. It's a lot of weight in a high place.







Bracket assembly in process



Bracket assembly complete. This part had to be done before the copper was applied.




Letter carving




Copper in process. It evelopes the wood to keep moisture out.





364 Broadway


Best coffee in Cambridge


But those ugly clamps on the cables are gonna go! To preserve the wood and copper I used several coats of epoxy sealer and UV blocking expoxy varnish over that.