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This was my first shot at a comprehensive design for a personal space. I completed it in 2003. It was special to me because it was for my own use, but then working with a home is always a special project, being such an important thing in people's lives.

While homeowners expend great effort trying to find the perfect home, looking for the best deal on a mortgage using services at and other such places, my challenge and what I truly enjoy is to find the potential in ordinary spaces and to transform them into something

My original concept here was to convert an oversized studio into a one bedroom, maximizing the use of space and the value of the property. After some changes to the floor plan the project called for several pieces of new furniture: a dining table, chest of drawers, coffee table, etragere, as well as built in bookcases and cabinets.

living room





kitchen: granite counter with rock faced edge, white ash and birch cabinets,

indian slate tiles


sleeping area...bookcases hide old entry,

slide to allow egress



artemis chest in birch and white ash tv cart


built in maple wardrobe...japanese paper on door panels


living room with mobile etagere in white oak

new entry door

dining area... dining table is brown ash with padauk accents

living room view from bedroom


view into bedroom


livingroom with curly maple fire log





These pictures show the unit in its original state

entry hall from entrance


living room and closet door

 dining area

kitchen entry

Before: Red Lines show the foci of construction. I removed the rear closets and the central closet which I replaced with a smaller one in the space of the old entrance to the living room. A wider kitchen door and a new opening between the kitchen and living room form the new entry to the unit.


After: The final layout includes french doors to separate the two rooms while providing light and a sense of continuity. The original entry door remains functional but hidden behind movable bookcases. A pantry cabinet in the kitchen increased the net storage capacity lost to the new opening.