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This project came with the charge: create a prototype that would capture my client, Eric’s, ideal woman for a set of 3 table legs for a very ambitious table of his design. He would thenhave the model reproduced in Bali by indigenous wood carvers. Since he would not leave anything to chance, it had to be perfect. Eric and I differed about how perfect she should be. In the end, the carvers had the last say. We both admire the results.

Eric and I know that women are not built that way. With fantasies, however, it can be another matter. I’ll admit that I found it difficult to go along with his aesthetic at times, but some of my suggestions did get through. Eric agreed with me that if they’re going to be that big they should point up.

Mahogany Mermaid

The wood had to be carefully pieced together to run the grain the length of the tenon that extends from the back of the head. This will join her as a leg to a 6' round table


The clay model in a late stage of development

Skylight Studios, in Woburn, MA, made a mold and a resin casting from the clay. It took a week of filling, grinding, sanding, for me to clean it up.

Eric Sonnabend with his baby

more fotos of the complete table and another table we made for the same room.