New at woodworking and design sculpture for sale contact


Ezio Colombrino Artist/ Designer

l' ottimo mio amico sul web

Sculpture, Graphics, Italian Furniture!!




Chrystie Scott Design

her site is tres flash



The Boston Architectural Center




Michael McCurdy Artist/Wood Engraver

Michael is the best wood engraver I know, and very likely better than any I don't know





Charles Webb Designer/Woodworker




School of the Museum of Fine Arts Boston


Live Sex Act  Techno Funk

This is not your ordinary band. They make many of their own instruments: a drum-set made out of stuffed animals; elaborate body-triggers that when struck initiate digital sound loops.






Foundation for New Directions

Marvin was a friend and mentor from the sixties



A website for the collection and desemination of information about migranes. Two of my works are displayed on this page




Gallery 121

A contemporary fine art gallery


Tomas Dordevic



Clearvue Cyclones

The dust collection system I chose for my shop


Target Coatings

the best waterborne finishes I have found ...and their service is great, too


a listing service for development workshops