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I work in metal and wood at my home and studio in New Hampshire. I am here by myself, but I may get a cat.

Lately I have been doiing kitchen projects in Cambrdge. My next large project will be to extend my own basement, deck and kitchen in New Hampshire.

I am still an adjunct at the Boston Architectural College although I don't have any classes. I have clients for woodworking all over. Travel is increasingly important to me, mostly in Europe and Latin America, although I would love to see China.. Peru is of special interest to me. Until recently I was peripherally connected to Wonderwell, a local Buddhist center in Springfield, NH...not so much now.

My artistic interests are turning to painting and becoming more figurative. I have been learning Spanish and reading MarioVargas LLosa. among others. Generally, I find Latinos more sympatico than gringos.



Grew up near Fitchburg, MA.

I went to the Boston Museum School and got a degree in fine arts from Tufts. I studied sculpture. I learned woodworking on my own.

1968 was a pivotal year for me during which I became involved with my spiritual teacher, Arthur “Bud” Bryant. He facilitated my own personal evolution and we remained in close contact until he died in 2009.

I have placed the book he wrote on personal growth here for anyone who is interested.

2016 was another pivotal year. I almost died in Cusco, Peru. things have been lookng up since then.



Structure has always been my basis for freedom. Working with my hands has been my way to be grounded and useful to others.

My own personal growth has come through personal relationships and the feedback they provided. I see it as impossible to have the one without the other. All religions, including Buddhism, talk around this. Their stories are irelevant without interaction with the teacher; one who knows the art of waking people out of their stupor.

Suffering is an essential part of human eperience and learning, not something to be avoided or eliminated. Without it there would be no learning, no waking up, no disincentive to backslide into illusion. Buddhists strike me as naive when they pray for the end of all suffering.

phil morse 2017

phil morse 2017


NH Studio


Bud Bryant



New Hampshire studio and view of the woods